Welcome 2010 !!! 

Father GS Shiro and the "troops" in front "garden camp" ! 

Troops inspection (HS Argos) from father GS Shiro!  

HS Argos - the "football player" with mother RE Elvira ! 

RE Elvira (mother) during "teaching hour" with HS Hector ! 

HS Argos - the "sausage smoker" and HS Nefeli 

Puppies meet the cats in the living room !

No comments !!! 

 24 January 2010

First SNOW in our village - Shiro and Hector discussing the situation !

24 January 2010

Shiro and Argos on a rediness drill !

14 February 2010

HS Nefeli: I am the new Princess of Varnava - Yeah!!!

14 February 2010

HS Argos: I think I look very brainy - like Einstein!

14 February 2010

Father SD Shiro and son HS Argos - Buddies!!!

21 March 2010

HS Nefeli - Maria - HS Argos and out good friend Ilona (of Red Embers - The Netherlands) during her last visit to Greece

21 March 2010

HS Argos (left) and HS Nefeli (right) enjoying the spring fields!

21 March 2010

Harry (the cat) and his friend HS Argos playing "catch me if you can" [mother RE Elvira in the background]

May 10, 2010

HS Nefeli

HS Argos