I am Elvira and I was born in May 2006. I live with John and Maria and their pets (Shiro - my husband, Argos and Nefeli - my litter) and five cats: Bijoux, Claire, Cookie, Harry and Charoula). I was born in the Netherlands (Red Embers Kennel in Babberich) and my parents (Ch Red Embers Lynard and Ch Red Embers Kindly Smile), are Dutch & International Champions!  We all live in a very nice and peaceful estate and I have my own sofa at the sitting room! I am smart, polite, a little cautious with strangers, great guard dog, always vigilant and I can "smile" to people I like (my mom's nick name is "Smilie"). I like to be caressed all the time and I ask Maria to comb my hair all the time! I like to collect bones since I was a puppy - now I have my own private collection (nobody touches my collection!). I also like all kind of food but chocolate is my favourite delight (in small pieces of course!). I am doing OK with cats (although they always behave very strange mewing all the time, going in and out all day).





AUG 2010

In the back garder with Shiro just a few weeks after the wildfire of July 17, 2010

Dec 30, 2010: Resting after hours of guarding!


May 2010

My family: Father RE Lynard (Lenny) and Mother RE Smiley (together on the right) with Ilona van der Post (Red Embers Kennels) and my Sister RE Sierra (big girl on the left)





August, 2011 - On duty