My name is Rosa (or Rosoula as my mom calls me) and I am beautiful! I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus (08 May 2009) and my "god-parent" is Dr Andreas Liveris, MD.  I currently live in Athens with my mom who is also a doctor - Prof of Medicine to be more specific! I would like to meet Bijoux and discuss things of common interest - like these annoying four legged huge creatures that occasionally disrupt our nirvana...

We played hide and seek with mom! I cannot understand why she was so furious and was screaming my name all over... I think she does not like the fact that I am better than her in this game... Humans! 

I have the carriage - I only need the little horses and my transportation will be guaranteed! 

I am a vegetarian cat!

(April 2010)

My name is Rosa and I love Rose Water - tell this to my mom... 

 May 2010

Can you reach you nose with your tongue ? :))

July 2010

Cyprus: I am assisting mom in her coronary lab!

Dec 2010 - Find the cat :)))

Dec 2010: Me and Bijoux look like sisters!

BLACK & AFRA - New friends from Italy

(July 2010)

We are Black (male - German Shepherd) and Afra (female - half Snauzer). Our mom Nicoletta, works in an Italian defense company and she loves diving (we love fish)! Here we are waiting for her at Lake Garda in greater Verona area. We always worry and try to spot the oxygen bubbles when she is coming up to surface. Un saluto ai nostri amici greci!

SAD NEWS: Late August 2010, "Black" suddently passed away! Our sympathy to Nicoletta and her family for the loss of a great dog... 


Hi All! I am Miki! I am a girl, 7 yrs old Terrier and I live in Tirana with my mom Anila (a military allergy specialist). Përshëndetje nga Shqipëria - kanë një jetë të madhe të lumtur!


Hi dogs and people in Hellenic Spirit group! I am Blanco, male of course, and I work in my boss enterprise! My boss was once the boss of your boss! We are mainly on "natural stones" business. As you can see I can be friendly (an a bit of smiling) but I can be tough if someone tries to enter our premises...!


Hello my name is Boubi…. I live with my mammy Virginia (she is in atomic energy business - wooahh) in Vienna but I am from Athens!!! My mammy found me when I was a baby in a gas station in Ilioupolis and since then we live together. I am 1.5 years old.I love to travel with our car, to be involved in daily activities and sleep (a lot! - yeahhh).


Ι am Noa (male Great Pyr, +6yrs old) and live in Nafpaktos with my mom Yota and the rest of the family. Greetings to Hellenic Spirit family. My mom got me from Lefteris from Volos - you know him very well because we are all family!


2012 - Hi Hellenic Spirit friends! My name is Ira (the Greek Goddess from Greek Mythology), I am mixed German Shepherd/Husky and I am 3 months old. I live with my parents John and Anna in a suburb of Athens. I am a good girl, do not bark a lot and when I will grow up I will be the best guard dog in the area!


My name is Tara and I am approximately 3-4mo old. I have been recently adopted by Mitsi, a close friend of Hellenic Spirit Family. If you wonder about the markings around my nose they are made by a WIRE some bad person rounded around it... I do know that my life will be fantastic from now on but whenever I will look my face in the mirror I will always wonder WHY there is so much cruelty in this world! How can a man (?) behave worst than an animal? We do not do such things in our world... We like people very much!

Love and care - the best medicine for human cruelty! 

Love, care and sun !!!

(April 2010)

Dec 2010 - in my fantastic bed!



Hi friends and Hellenic Spirity Family! My name is Tommy, I am a Terrier/Yorkshire combination and I am 2.5 mo old! I live with my mom Joanna who is in hotel business. For the time being I am a nice, quiet guy! Do you like my white socks?


I am 2 months old, I live in Rome and I was recently find a new home with Stefania who is in intelligence business.

Hi! I am Noa and I finally settled to my new home with Stefania! I already love Christmas!!!

My first official HD photo ! Che bel cucciolo che sono!


Hi! We are Fivos [Phoebus] (male: 2.5yrs) and Melina (female: 4mo) and we live with Christina working in a big pharmaceutical company in Athens. Fivos is all white with yellow eyes and Melina is like a very naughty little kitten who likes to play with everything around the house.

Dec 2010: One or two cats?


Greetings friends! I am Charlie, male, 14mo old and a proud Basset Hound! My boss is Christodoulos (nephew of the owner of Blanco - to your left) and I live in Orestiada. I have long ears - girls like them very much! You can admire me also at YouTube! I know that you are all jealous about this!

Foivos & Bloo 

Hi friends! We are Foivos (the big one) and Bloo (the little one with evil eyes). We live in the slops of Parnitha mountain in a suburb of Athens, with Anna & Demitris (parents) and little Lydia!