HS Argos Senior

At the age of 10 yrs old he is still the pride of Kifishia! Good boy!

Beloved Argos passed away peacefully one November 2011 morning. We will remember you pride Argos! 

 HS Aris

Born in 2000, I live under the Acropolis in Athens with Anna

2011 April - A rare picture of mine with Nana

26 January 2012: HS Aris is not with us anymore. He lived and died as a true fighter - as only Great Pyrenees know how! His family - Anna and Nana - shared almost 12 yrs of love, joy and devotion his Aris. Farewell good Friend - say hello to your family waiting for you  in your new life in Paradise! 

HS Chionati (Snowlady)

Born also in 2000 she lives happily in Volos with Lefteris family

19 January 2012: Our world is less beautiful now! Chionati (snow queen) is not with us anymore. Lefteri's family lost a dear friend, a loyal companion and a Great Pyrenees! She will be remembered for her beauty, character and affection! Keep an eye on us from high above along with the rest of the family. Now you can run like a puppy, bark like singing, enjoy your friends and blink your star every night for us to know that you are happy!