10 Jan 2010

HS Ektor is coming back home from his first visit 

(to-know-us-better) to his new owners in the near-by village 

of Afidnai. He is expected to move there by end of February.

Feb 13, 2010: HS Hector with new family (Dimitris & Kelly) - ready to go! 

Feb 13, 2010: A kiss goodbye! 

Feb 13, 2010: Good-bye brother! Have a great life! 

16 February 2010: HS Hector in his new home and his new bed!

 22 Feb 2010: I think my new mom looks like Julia Roberts!

22 Feb 2010: I moved from my floor bed to my sofa because Dimitris wants to see me all the time when he wakes up during the night! 

The endropion in my right eye went away as I grow older - no need for surgery any more. I am healthy as a bear - Yeah!


The "Happy Puppy" Series (2010) 


Dimitris & Kelly decided that they liked the name BRUNO better than my ancient Greek Hector. So from now on please call me HS Bruno - but for my original family I will be always Hector the mighty Great Pyrenees!!!


HS Bruno and Dimitris !!! 

 April 2010

HS Bruno at Porto Cheli for short vacations !

From top to bottom: En route - at the ferry boat - inside water taxi - by the beach - resting in the grass and of course at the bar for night clubbing !!!

 May 2010

Rozy (the other dog of the family) bites Bruno's front leg! Amazing !!!

End of May 2010

Maria pays a visit to Bruno!


Broubroukos (alias HS Bruno) - do you like my new nick name? I am not sure if it fits to a big powerful working dog... :)

How do I look with brown hair? 

SEPT 2010

Maria visits Bruno in his new home in Afidnes! Bruno is VERY happy there - lot of space, nice garder, good mates to play with!

Sept 2010

 Nov 2010

Dec 2010

My first contact with SNOW - yeahhhh!!!

2011 - January

 2011 April


LATEST NEWS - 18 Feb 2010

Our little girl HS Erato is coming back home! New family proved the wrong choice for her - they were not ready to aquire a dog and face the responsibilities of a hairy soul ! The GOOD news is that Erato will travel on Sunday, Feb 21st, to Volos and be part of Lefteris Family, owner of StarDogs Great Pyrenees and a very good friend of ours. Same person from whom we adopted SD Shiro (father of Erato)! She will be treated like princess, have a lot of human/dog company and a great life as she deserves!!!

LATEST NEWS - 19 Feb 2010

Lefteris could not wait another day - so he is comming on Saturday (Feb 20th) instead of Sunday to deliver Erato! His whole family is waiting to welcome her at her new home !!!

20 Feb 2010: HS Erato just came out from Hellenic Spirit's Beauty Parlor

- waiting for Lefteris arrival 

20 Feb 2010: Erato loves Lefteris ! 

20 Feb 2010: A last kiss goodbye ! 

22 Feb 2010: Me and Lefteris' Girls ! 

22 Feb 2010: Me and Dad ! 

20 Mar 2010: Ilona - our friend from the Netherlands - travelled with two of her puppies to Athens. One of them is for Lefteris at Volos. Latest info say that Erato is making his life difficult, chasing him all the time. It seems that they will become good "life" friends! 

29 March 2010

HS Erato (right) with Lefteris

and RE Porthos (the new puppy from the Netherlands)

19 April 2010

HS Erato (the big one) with her friend

RE Porthos (the little one)

June 2010
Erato at olive trees estate

AUG 2010

Erato the pride of Volos!!!

... and her best friend Porthos (the Dutch)!

Dec 2010

April 2011

Maria, Demitris and Kelly visited Lefteri's kennel at Volos in order to select a new puppy for Kelly - in order to stop being so jealous about Bruno!!!