Expecting Mother Elvira!

Sep 30, 2009

Elvira is in excellent condition and labor is proceeding normally!

Oct 5, 2009

They are here!!!

First breath for 3 male and one female puppies. Excellent labor - all puppies in good health!!!

Oct 9, 2009

Elvira proved a fantastic mother. She is always in her nest with the puppies, licking and feeding them until their belies are ready to explode! She does not allow Shiro to come close to the puppies and she is chasing the cats who are always curious about the new arrivals!

Oct 12, 2009

Puppies are getting biger and bigger! You can see them after lunch into their crate

Oct 17, 2009

To our surprise there are  2 males and 2 females (not 3M and 1F)!!! It happens sometimes - especially during the first days of life - and we did not want to upset the mother by taking puppies away from her for close observation.

Right photo: M-F-M-F

3 Oct, 2009

Puppies are getting bigger and bigger. They all have their eyes open and they starter to pie outside the litter box! First signs of good temperament!

Left upper corner: Nefeli (F) - our new puppy.

Facing each other - Left: Argos (M), Right - Erato (F)

Back right: Hector (M)

Hellenic Spirit ARGOS (the trusted dog of Odysseus)

Feeding time!

25 Oct 2009

Out of the litter box exploring the new world inside the nursery room!

01 Nov 2009

Puppies are approx 4.5kg! They started to play with each other and even bark!!!

Elvira and baby Erato

Baby Nefeli - a very sweet and tender puppy!

Noe 2009

All puppies are well! They all transfered to the kitchen area - need to be with people! Latest weight count: >5kg all of them!

Left (back): HS Nefeli

Left (front): HS Argos (M)

Right (back): HS Erato

Right (front): HS Hector (M)

HS Nefeli - isn't she pretty?

HS Erato - like a muse!

HS Hector - nice boy!

Big boy HS Argos!

14 Nov 09


Can we have some more?

Loving siblings!!!

2 Noe 2009

First night out in the garden with mother!